3Ci CAD/CAM Components, Inc. SOLIDWORKS
This hook was created using a GW3D Features construction technique called Law Curve.
This animation shows the creation of a sailboat deck and hull using GW3Dfeatures.
Here is a Solid Helix created using a law curve. The law curve is modified to create the animation.
Here a very complicated engagement ring is create using a variety of GW3Dfeature surface types and construction methods. Watch the animation as the ring is form from a simple solid into a complete ring with intricate details.
With GW3Dfeatures it's possible to create extremely complicated surfaces such as these vascular stents.
New blend surface, shown in yellow, starts from four surfaces on the bottom and matches to one surface on the top. The blend surface is shaped by passing through three intermediate curves.
New surface between the top and bottom which has matching radius of curvature and spine control.
A cylinder wrap curve input is shown in red and a freeform swept surface following the resulting cylinder wrap curve is shown in green.
Helix solid shown in yellow which follows the path shown in green. The helix starts at the clocking point and propagates in the direction shown by the rotation arrow.
The Multi Blend surface shown in yellow is bounded by the four edges and G2 continuity with the surfaces shown in red.
A Ratio Swept surface shown in yellow constructed by sweeping the profile curve along the profile path.
A blend curve that has G3 continuity with its parent curves.
The Curvature Comb shows how magnitude of the radius of curvature along each curve.
Click to view a YouTube video of the Solid Cylinder Wrap Tube in action.
Click to view a YouTube video of the Lofted Cessna 140.