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GW3Dfeatures Amazing Features

GeometryWorks3D efficiently and accurately creates a wide variety of different surface and curve types, all with a consistent geometrically intuitive interface. CAD/CAM Components, Inc.™ currently has several versions available. The SOLIDWORKS 2021 version is the GW3Dfeatures v21. We have a 64-bit version, as well as GW3Dfeatures v20 for SOLIDWORKS 2020 and GW3Dfeatures v19 for SOLIDWORKS 2019. No matter what version you get, some of the key features to the program are as follows:

3D Graphic Model

G3 Continuity

GW3Dfeatures includes the ability to create blended surfaces and curves with 3rd order continuity (G3). This makes it possible to blend surfaces and curves so that the rate of change of curvature is maintained from one surface to the next.

Spine-Driven Entities

GW3Dfeatures can create spine-driven entities. Spines allow additional control over the creation of sweep surfaces, blend surfaces, and the offset curves.

User Interface

The GW3Dfeatures user interface is identical to menus in SOLIDWORKS in their look and user interaction. This makes it easy to learn GW3D and gives it a familiar look and feel.

Current Product Capabilities

Along with the many fantastic features it has, GeometryWorks3D also has a number of capabilities that'll make your life much easier. Some of those great features are the following:


• Helix Solid • Cylinder Wrap Tube Solid • Tube Solid • Swept Solid • Project Solid


• Helix Spline
• Cylinder Wrap Spline
• Offset Curve
• Blend Curve
• Conic Curve
• Projected Curve
• Projected Curve via
• Geodesic Mapping


• Helix Tube
• Cylinder Wrap Surface
• Cylinder Wrap Tube
• Tube Surface
• Revolve3D Surface
• Tapered Offset Surface
• Blanket Surface
• Blend Surface
• Multi-Blend Surface
• Swept Surface
• Push Pull Surface
• Conic Surface
• Project Surface
• Fence Surface

GW3DTools Details

GeometryWorks3D Tools marks the return of some of our original SOLIDWORKS geometry tools. GW3DTools provides new techniques and methods for creation of basic SOLIDWORKS geometry. In addition, there are tools to modify existing geometry and create offsets. Our current product capabilities include the following:

• Point
• Line
• Arc
• Circle
• Spline
• Plane
• Intersect
• Surface
• Trim Curve
• Split
• Translate Rotate
• Mirror
• Project
• Offset
• Analyze - Measure

Datasheets & Release Notes

For more information about this product, check out our data sheets and release notes. If you don't find what you're looking for, don't forget to see if your question has been asked in the Frequently Asked Questions page.

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